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More light. More efficiency. Introducing LEDStar 4 CREE CXB
Light Projects is delighted to announce the launch of a CREE CXB chip range of LEDStar 4 exterior and interior spotlight and recessed light fixtures, delivering cutting-edge efficacy and up to 40 per cent more light.

The upgradeable CXB chip, with a reported lifetime of over 60, 000 hours, ensures adherence to future performance standards without replacement of the fixture; the LED Source can be replaced by a qualified electrician on site.

Made in England, LEDStar 4 bears Light Projects’ hallmark of quality manufacturing, in anodised aluminium and a range of custom finishes, with an IP67 rating.

The fixture incorporates an anti-wicking barrier and is available with a cable that resists wildlife tampering if necessary.

A new 3D printed holographic microstructure diffuser allows reshaping of the LED beam to a linear distribution along with diffusers which can be retrofitted on site as the environment changes, for example in active landscapes or gardens.

LEDStar products continue to offer one of the most extensive accessory collections in the industry, ensuring suitability for a range of commercial, residential and public lighting applications.

LEDStar 4 LED lights are part of Light Projects’ Green Line range and carry a five year guarantee.

To find out more about LEDStar 4 and other LED light fittings from Light Projects, email or phone 020 7231 8282. Full photometrics are available for the range.