Aqua Shard, London
Human Nature Artwork Highlights Charity
Project Details

Name of Project: 
Aqua Shard
Lighting Design: Lighting Design International
Fittings Used on Project

MentorLED Remote

Press Release

Lighting Design International has used the MentorLED Remote from Light Projects in conjunction with Soraa's brilliant AR111's to help illuminate and accentuate the beautiful Human Nature artwork in the Shard’s 37th floor Aqua Shard restaurant.

This stunning Christmas feature is a collaboration between Timothy Hatton Architects and Sir David Attenborough in aid of the charity Flora & Fauna International. It comprises a beautiful nine-metre high cascading leaf sculpture made from 3D-printed recycled plastic leaves in the shape of English Oak, Silver Birch, Dogwood, Wych Elm and Field Maple.

During the day, the white leaves are silhouetted against the dramatic London skyline. At night, the soft light from the MentorLED grazes up through the leaves which seemingly float in space, casting gentle shadows on the ceiling.

The MentorLED Remote uses the latest SR111 LED dimmable Soraa lamp technology contained in the fixture’s compact steel and aluminium housing on a small surface plate. The lamp ensures consistent light continuity with beam angles available ranging from 4° narrow through to a wide 60° at 12V.

Additional beam spreaders, eggcrate louvres, scrims, colour and frosted glass accessories give the Mentor huge versatility. In addition, Soraa’s innovative Snap system allows for CCT Shifter filters which can provide colour temperatures that are rare or impossible to find such as warm glowing natural 2200K CCT along with other louvres, beam spreaders and shapers.

Photo: Timothy Hatton Architects