Queen Mother Memorial
Queen Mother Memorial
Project Details

Name of Project: 
Queen Mother Memorial
Lighting Design:
Paul Day
Fittings Used on Project

Customised Focus


Roblon FL150

XT-2B Projector

Press Release

Two long bronze friezes over 3m long on a famous London statue are dramatically lit using Roblon Fibre Optic fittings supplied by the Light Projects Group. Sculpted by Paul Day, they grace either side of the Queen Mother Memorial on The Mall.

Following similar illumination of his Battle of Britain Memorial on London's Victoria Embankment, Paul Day again decided that Fibre Optics would provide the ideal lighting. This high quality and effective solution was chosen because it is subtle and discreet and the small fibre end points do not detract from the imagery within the frieze as they illuminate the panels from the top in a specially designed pelmet.

The correct lux levels were determined using Roblon’s Lux Calculator. This clever programme offers lighting designers and specifiers a free and simple method of calculating lux values for any scheme, including the correct specification of light generator and fittings together with fibre type, length and quantity. This information can then be exported as an IES file.

For this scheme, a mix of 40mm diameter and 76mm diameter recessed eyeball fittings with flange and wide optics were used along with 4.5mm glass PMMA fibre attached to two 150W Metal Halide projectors. This created a stunning, clear white light with high colour rendering which ‘digs’ into the monument and pulls out the painstakingly-created three dimensional relief and accentuates the depth and details of the image from the back to the front. 

The two friezes depict very different scenes. One shows the King and Queen visiting Londoners bombed out of their homes during the Blitz; the other illustrates different interests of the Queen Mother’s life, such as meeting veterans, horse-racing and Castle Mey.