ESPA Life at Corinthia
ESPA Life at Corinthia
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ESPA Life at Corinthia
Lighting Design:Lighting Design International
Fittings Used on Project

Roblon Aquarius


Roblon FL 150


Press Release

A stunning new lighting scheme for the ESPA Life at Corinthia, a spa in London’s new Corinthia Hotel is the culmination of a painstaking three-year vision by Lighting Design International with the help of some Fibre Optics from Light Projects.

The hotel’s subterranean spa covers 3300sqm spread over four storeys. To realise their vision, LDI approached Light Projects to supply a creative mix of Roblon Fibre Optic lighting which would provide a stunning atmosphere and inviting pool area. Using fibre optics with Aquarius fittings, light is cast up from the bottom of the stainless steel pool and passes through the ever-moving water, creating dynamic patterns on the white ceiling while illuminating the entire room. In addition, colour-changing and dimmable fibre optics lighting is cleverly used to delineate the steps and to illuminate the feature wall of gold-veined black Tunisian marble.

Senior LDI lighting designer Ellie Griesen was keen to specify flush fittings in the infinity pool to minimise the risk of tripping while ensuring uniformity of light. To achieve this, she specified Roblon’s side-emitting fibres around the edge below the waterline with Aquarius fittings on the pool floor.

This beautiful scheme demonstrates many of the inherent advantages of fibre optics lighting and why dimmable DMX controls with colour wheels and CTC filters help lighting designers realise their most creative designs and schemes.

As fibre optics have multiple light sources from one lamp and where the harness has been randomised and sized correctly, there will always be the same output from each end point, thereby maintaining uniformity and continuity across the whole installation. In addition, the light points are cool to touch which ensures there is no risk of being burned by hot lamp surfaces.