Residential Swimming Pool
Residential Swimming Pool
Project Details

Name of Project: 
Residential Swimming Pool
Wimbledon, London
Lighting Design:Kate Beard Lighting Design
Fittings Used on Project

Roblon Aquarius


Roblon FL 150


Press Release

The Light Projects group has worked with lighting designer Kate Beard on a stunning lighting scheme for a new residential swimming pool complex in Wimbledon using fibre optics from Danish manufacturer Roblon. 

Fibre optics have been installed in the ceiling as well as in the swimming pool itself to complement the different areas and create a sense of uniformity and continuity across the whole scheme designed by interior designer Charlotte Crosland. The pool itself was constructed by The London Swimming Pool Company.

Two IP-rated, 150-watt fibre optic light generators,
 located outside the building, are used to feed the 40no. fittings from Roblon’s Avant-Garde Collection which are housed in the pool ceiling. These discreet but powerful fittings provide a wall wash across the feature stonework and interact with the wall’s stippled surface by highlighting shadows and irregularities. This creates a perfect contrast to the symmetry of the pool area and the rectangular design of its space and windows.

The pool itself is cleverly illuminated using three projectors, each of which serves a different function. 2no. 250W light generators are used in an alternating pattern for the main body of the pool and are attached to Aquarius 70 fittings via 8mm fibre. Another, 150W generator illuminates the pool steps using smaller 6mm fibre and Aquarius 35 fittings.

In the main body of the pool, the fittings alternate between focussed and wide so that different effects can be achieved by having one or both projectors in operation. This combination provides either a subtle decorative low-level illumination or a more concentrated effect as required.

This scheme illustrates perfectly the versatility and adaptability of fibre optics over traditional light sources in wet area installations. Fibre optics are low maintenance with the advantage of having the light source remote from the fittings. This makes lamp changing more convenient and safer as the light projector can be sited well away from the pool area and at ground level. This is better than traditional fittings which need to be re-lamped and, when located within the pool or above the pool, therefore require scaffolding towers and pool coverings. A further benefit of having a remote lamp source is that the fixtures are not moved which eliminates the risk of altering any orchestrated focusing. In addition, as fibre optics have multiple light sources from one lamp, there will always be the same output from each end point, thereby giving uniformity and continuity across the whole installation. 

Finally, another advantage of fibre optics is surface temperature. The light ends are cool to the touch which is very important bearing in mind that children with bare feet are often playing near and around the fittings.