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Globe Theatre
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The centrepiece of a major exhibition at the new Globe Theatre in London is a huge oak tree cast from a real tree with a dappled light effect simulating daylight spilling through its branches. This lighting together with other special effects was supplied by The Light Projects Group.

By using a selection of their own lighting fittings including 
Toucan 2Explorer 1, downlighters, Light Projects created a versatile and effective lighting scheme for this emotive and “magical” exhibition which doubles up as corporate entertainment venue. In addition, Light Projects have also used VoltManager transformers to control the lighting and ensure ease of use and adaptability.

The “All the World’s A Stage” exhibition, designed by twickenham-based exhibition designers rwdp (formelery Robin Wade & pt
nrs). in the “Underglobe” of the theatre, aims to recreate Shakespeare’s world and to put the whole Globe in its historical context. The exhibition comprises different static showcases, multimedia and interactive displays to give visitors an idea of what the theatre was like in Shakespeare’s time.