200 Aldersgate
200 Aldersgate
Project Details

Name of Project: 
200 Aldersgate
Lighting Design:
Morey Smith
Fittings Used on Project

Roblon FL150-3B


PMMA 04.5mm

Fibre Optic Tail

Press Release

The newly refurbished offices at 200 Aldersgate, London features a stunning drop chandelier using Fibre Optics from Roblon supplied by the Light Projects Group.

Property development and investment company Helical Bar appointed MoreySmith to redesign and refurbish this 21-storey office building complete with a new lighting scheme to create a clean, contemporary and dynamic workspace. Part of the revitalised project was to create a large lighting feature over the escalators.

Working closely with Light Projects, MoreySmith designed a stunning visual spectacle using Medium Bore Fibre Optic Tails shining through 560no. 1000mm acrylic rods mounted through CNC laser cut holes in the ceiling tiles. These were supported though wooden boards which were fabricated by Dealerward. The result is a spectacular visual spectacle which changes in appearance when viewed from different angles and heights when travelling on the escalators.

Following several trials it was decided that the precise combination of Ø30mm, 1000mm Long Acrylic Rods offered the best level of light transmittance. The fibre optic tails were powered by 18no. 150W Metal Halide Projects using colour correction filters to create a 3200K warm white colour temperature.

Fibre Optics are perfect for this kind of bespoke scheme and have the added advantage of the light source being remotely mounted from the fittings for ease of maintenance. Also, due to a randomisation of the fibre harness common end, Roblon can better ensure even illumination across the multiple light points and therefore consistency across the scheme.