National History Museum
National History Museum
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National History Museum
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DHA Designs
Fittings Used on Project

Toucan 2

Press Release

Toucan lighting fittings from the Light Projects Group are being used for the popular and dramatic Dino Jaws Exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.

Making the most of new and fantastic animatronics, these superb, moving, life-like dinosaurs are combined with ingenious hands-on exhibits, scientific evidence and intriguing fossil evidence to create a superb and absorbing exhibition which focuses on information about dinosaur eating habits.

Specified by DHA Designs, the lighting plays an important part within the fabric of the exhibition, adding depth and realism to the dinosaurs as well as perspective and highlighting important aspects. The atmospheric lighting and use of colour is both subtle but effective in adding a new dimension to 
the exhibits. 

A mix of lighting techniques including uplighting the plants and tress, light grazing and washing were used as well as using different filters and louvres to create shadow-play and to enhance the visitor experience.