Pizza Express
Pizza Express
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Pizza Express
Lighting Design: In House Pizza Express
Fittings Used on Project

Mentor 5

Press Release

The Light Projects Group has planned and supplied the lighting scheme for the refurbished Pizza Express restaurant at Shad Thames, London.

The fittings commonly used at Pizza Express and manufactured by Light Projects are from the Mentor range. The lamps are mounted on single circuit tracks for use with 12-volt par 36 or AR111 lamps. With a beam angle from 4° to 45°, this fitting is ideal for highlighting areas of interest and individual tables. At the same time, the lamps avoid glare and visual discomfort.

Another benefit of using the Integral lamp is the accessory range. This includes coloured or dichoric glass, frosted glass, eggcrate louvres and various light reducing scrims. These features make the Mentor light fittings a simple but very effective display fixture particularly suitable for restaurants, museums, galleries and all types of retail applications.