Sophie's Steakhouse
Sophie's Steakhouse
Project Details

Name of Project: 
Sophie's Steakhouse
Covent Garden, London
Lighting Design: Kate Wilkins Lighting Design
Fittings Used on Project

Roblon FL150-2 C

DMX Colour

Roblon PMMA


Press Release

Light Projects has worked closely with Kate Wilkins Lighting Designers on another scheme involving the design and manufacture of a completely new bespoke lighting fitting. This time for a project at the Sophie’s Steakhouse Restaurant in Covent Garden in London.

The concept of the lighting scheme was to invent an industrial chic look to complement the exposed services in the ceiling and to create an installation using contemporary lighting fittings based on an original scheme in the Sophie’s Steakhouse Restaurant on the Fulham Road, London.

The original Fulham Road scheme used clusters of standard GLS lamps hung from the ceiling with different height cables. For the Covent Garden site, the inspired use of Roblon fibre optics with acrylic tear drops created a modern take with the added advantage of it being more energy efficient, with low maintenance requirements and long life-cycle performance. The lighting ‘drops’ were designed by Roblon’s optical engineer to create a uniformed lighting footprint on the table whilst Light Projects Mentor spotlights were installed to illuminate the walkways and other areas.

The fibre optics were all controlled by a custom made dmx-controlled dimming system which not only reduced the intensity of the lamp but also warmed the colour as it dimmed - giving it the appearance and characteristic of a real tungsten lamp.

Several scenes were programmed into the controller to create different moods and ambience depending on the time of day and functions being held in the restaurant.

In addition, two custom made chandeliers were also developed which used cracked side-emitting fibre optic glass.

These chandeliers had a diameter of two metres and the fibre cable wrapped around old gas lamps as homage to traditional lighting methods. Roblon is exclusively available in the UK from Light Projects Group.