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Lighting Design: Kate Wilkins Lighting Design
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Light Projects

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Press Release

Light Projects has worked closely with Kate Wilkins Lighting Designers to create and manufacture a dramatic lighting fitting for the Nandos Restaurant in Oxford. 

The ‘glass bottle wave’ was conceived and designed by Kate Wilkins and uses Nandos’ own sauce bottles to create a stunning and unique visual spectacle running along the entire length of the restaurant. This was backed up by smaller lighting fittings made from clusters of three or four bottles for individual tables.

The theme of the lighting was to complement architect Michaelis Boyd’s scheme and to be clean, fresh, innovative and exciting - also with a strong emphasis on sustainability and recycling
. This bold approach combines the creative and practical elements of lighting design and marries aesthetic flair 
with the use of LEDs for reduced energy consumption.

The fabulous showpiece uses warm white LEDs incorporated into specially-designed caps which are fixed onto the bottles.

Not all the 1,500 bottles used in the installation incorporate LEDs in order to create a contrast and pattern within the wave.
The overall result is a solid floating glass that makes a bold statement and creates an image of sustainability and brand reinforcement  as well as being visually very appealing from every angle.