St. Mary the Virgin
St. Mary the Virgin
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St. Mary the Virgin
Chiddingstone, Kent
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Ecclesiastical Lighting, part of the Light Projects Group, has completed an impressive lighting scheme for the Parish church of St Mary The Virgin at Chiddingstone in Kent.

The scheme was designed and supplied by Ecclesiastical Lighting in consultation with Fireflix and Churchwarden Nigel Lucas. The brief was to replace the lighting with a high performance, multi-functional, modern computer-controlled scheme. This needed to have preset lighting levels to meet the various requirements of different types of service. 

In addition, certain features of the 13th Century church, such as the sandstone font, the 18th Century chandelier, the 14th Century window and the famous “vinegar” bible all needed to be more effectively illuminated.

This need to balance the provision of ambient lighting sufficient for the congregation with the highlighting of important architectural and historical features meant that a very carefully thought out scheme had to be in planned.

To make the lighting unobtrusive but effective, it was decided to use over 100 black remote spotlights to line the perimeter of the pitched roof with brass spotlights to illuminate the interior of the arches. The whole scheme is run by a controller which has several preset lighting levels as well as manual override to adjust the lux levels as needed.