St. Peter and St. Paul
St. Peter and St. Paul
Project Details

Name of Project: 
St. Peter and St. Paul
Edenbridge, Kent
Lighting Design:
David Brooke
Fittings Used on Project

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Press Release

Edenbridge’s Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, has a new creative lighting scheme. The scheme was designed and supplied by Ecclesiastical Lighting, part  of the Light Projects Group, in conjunction with architect Robin Nugent, Church Project Liaison Officer David Brooke, Fr Stephen Mitchell, SSC and the PCC.

This scheme was unique because this Kent Church is itself unique. The Church features two naves, chancels and three altars. Because these are used for different services, the lighting scheme was complicated. The PCC therefore asked architect Robin Nugent how best to clarify the use of the interior space to ensure sufficient flexibility to meet each different use.

Robin Nugent says, “I decided that the best way to achieve hierarchy of space was via lighting. The incumbent lighting was deteriorating and obviously had to be replaced. It was very cumbersome and no longer had a viable strategy. 

Clearly, light could be used to create a precedent of internal areas as well as to enhance the eclectic mix of events held at the Church, which range from traditional services through to concerts and meetings.”

Once the lighting concept was conceived, Ecclesiastical Lighting was invited to suggest a complete lighting solution.

The final proposal agreed was for a multi-functional scheme utilising modern technology incorporating 17 preset lighting levels.

A successful lighting scheme relies upon the delicate balance between practical ambient lighting, sufficient for the congregation, and the highlighting of important architectural and historical features. At Edenbridge, these include oak octagonal kinposts which support the beautiful timber frame ceiling plus masonry arches and important monuments  which help illustrate the Church’s 800+ year history. All this meant that a very carefully thought-out scheme had to be implemented.

The final scheme was installed by Powerite Electrical who specialise in electrical installation in architecturally sensitive buildings. All the fittings are on 3 circuit tracks on different circuits for defined areas. The scheme is centrally controlled by an iLight preset dimming system. This control panel means that all 17 pre-set schemes could be controlled from one ‘scene selection’ control panel which is simple  to operate. In addition, the system provides temporary manual overrides so that the lighting can be adjusted to specific requirements, if necessary.

A mixture of small, discreet but powerful fittings from Light Projects was used to ensure that the lighting was effective but did not detract from the inherent beauty of the Church. A mix of 24° ARIII 100watt, MR16 and MR11 lamps were also used throughout the Church with louvres employed within the lighting fittings to minimise glare. The dimming system helps to ensure an impressive average lamp life of 4-5,000 hours.